Funeral home reviews Titusville

My brother's death was fast so the family was unprepared for all the decisions. Newcomer employees were so kind, compassionate and helpful.

~ Kay   N. - 8/20/2018

Everything went great with my dad's cremation. I was very pleased with the price, it's definitely more affordable than other funeral homes. Darlene was awesome! She kept me up to date and was very caring.

~ Amber   C. - 7/30/2018

I am very satisfied by all your help at this horrible time in my life. I want to thank Michael for all his help and patience he had with me & my daughter.

~ Lucy`   Q. - 6/21/2018

We were treated with courtesy and care and the service we got was exactly what we wanted. Thank you for all you guys did for my family. Love you guys there. 

~ Arthur   S. - 5/19/2018

Very caring, helpful, met all my needs, explained everything fully, very reasonable prices. Darlene - the receptionist, very caring. Michael Knight - helpful, knowledgeable.

~ Carol   L. - 5/7/2018

When I saw your beautiful white building I knew I'd be going there for my husband. You were there for me and I really appreciate all of you. Thanks so much. 

~ Billie   P. - 5/1/2018

Your concern and being there for my family was excellent. Darlene and Christopher were so understanding and wanted to help in any way they could. Thank you so much. 

~ Karen   D. - 3/24/2018

Jessica Combs is an out-standing employee very knowledgeable. Darlene is a wonderful person. Thank you. Very satisfied. Wonderful and knowledgeable employees should be very proud, this is what makes a business. 

~ Edward   S. - 2/12/2018

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