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Brevard county has a number of fine, traditional funeral homes that have been serving families for many years. However, unlike most other counties this size, Brevard does not have a funeral home providing simpler, less expensive funerals to families who desire that type of service.

Newcomer Cremation is here for those families.

We will provide the services you expect from a funeral home, including cremation, traditional burial, chapel/church/graveside services, urns, caskets, markers and monuments, and memorial videos.

In order to provide families with these services at a more affordable cost, we operate in attractive, yet modest, facilities, and offer a selection of only the most popular urns, caskets and other merchandise.

This business policy reduces the cost of operating the funeral home, and we pass those savings along to the families we serve. We can assure families that despite the lower cost of the funeral, the service itself will meet every family's desire for a caring, memorable tribute to their loved ones.