Funeral home reviews Titusville

Very satisfied. I would recommend your services to anyone who needs the cremation service. Your staff did an outstanding service for me. Theo Baker- very knowledgeable and understanding. Darlene- Very helpful. 

~ Joseph   D. - 12/8/2017

I was completely satisfied with your service. I have no complaints, I do not know of anyway you could have been more helpful. 

~ Deborah   F. - 8/23/2017

I just had a basic cremation and urn as this was all I could afford. But the funeral director and the lady who works there were the utmost in caring. Thank you. Michael Knight has a very caring attitude. 

~ Michael   M. - 7/18/2017

I was very satisfied with your service and the funeral home personell were the kindest people, just so caring. Theo and Darlene helped my brother and I with my dad's crematory arrangements, they were both very professional and the kindest, warmest, caring people. 

~ Susan   H. - 6/14/2017

Everything was exactly how Mom would have wanted it. Michael Knight was informative, personal, and kind. 

~ Catherine   T. - 6/14/2017

Michael Knight at Titusville was helpful and took care of our needs. The family was very satisfied with the services of the funeral home and staff. 

~ David   K. - 4/24/2017

As soon as I called, your staff went above and beyond. Michael and Darlene were so sincere with us, making a tragic time in our lives bearable. I cannot say enough thank you's to these employees. They were a God send. SO professional and so very compassionate. I will never forget the service received and will always recommend Newcomer. 

~ Paula   H. - 3/21/2017

Very satisfied with service, staff made a trying time easier. Very helpful in assisting since I was from a different state and had many questions. 

~ Ida   R. - 2/24/2017

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