Mothers Day

Mother’s Day without Mom
Mother’s Day is commercialized to be a glorious time we shower the woman who brought us into this world with gifts to show our gratitude. A day to celebrate their sacrifices and unconditional love. Unfortunately, Mother’s Day can be a very tough day to get through if you have lost your mother.

So what can you do to make Mother’s Day less painful and a lot more joyful? Honoring your mother in a public way, despite her absence can help. 

Share your feelings with others. Pass down stories about your mother to your children. Recreate her signature dishes. Celebrate this day even more than before, for both her and you. Celebrate her life, her light and your fondest memories of her. 

Here are a few things to remember as Mother’s Day approaches.

Take time to yourself 
Reflection time is important for us, especially during times that remind you the most of your mother. Write your reflections in a journal. Even purchase a Mother’s Day card and write a note to your mother. Read it aloud at her gravesite or to a photo. 

Find a personal way to pay tribute your mother
Remember what made your mother special. Was she a fashionista, an adventurer or a book worm? On Mother’s Day pay tribute to your mother by doing something that you know would make her smile. Honor your mother by remembering the lessons she has taught you. 
Time does not heal grief

This day will not get easier with time. 
There will always be a big void on Mother’s Day. You will never “get over it,” but you can make adjustments to make the day easier on you. 
Showing emotions and feeling grief is not a sign of weakness
Mother’s Day can be a day to remember your strength and the strength that your mother taught you. Your grief is not a weakness. It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to grieve. It shows how strong your love was for your mother.

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